Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Exercise Ideas For Kids.

It's so easy to let your kids veg out in front of the TV watching cartoons or playing video games while you are getting mommy or daddy stuff done. Before you know it half the day is gone and you realize they are still in their pj's and haven't even seen the light of day and have had NO exercise at all. Kids who are physically fit sleep better and can also handle physical and emotional challenges better.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your kids in tip-top-kid shape.

  1. Round up the posse and go for a walk!
  2. Jump rope!
  3. Dance!
  4. Go swimming!
  5. Ride bikes!
  6. Take the dog for a walk!
  7. Go to a park and play frisbee!
  8. Watch kid workout videos!
  9. Day trips! Rollerskating, bowling, etc....
  10. Get your kids involved in recreational and team sports!
In a study conducted by the Woman's Sports Foundation found that teens who were involved in sports were less likely to be involved in sexual activity, drugs and abusive relationships. They also had a higher chance of graduating high school and college.

So get your kids moving!

image/ref found oneshetwoshe.com

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