Monday, August 10, 2009

Food Swaps.

Here are 10 easy food swaps that cut cholesterol, not taste.

1.> Sprinkle walnuts, skip croutons.
2.> Sip red wine, not cocktails.
3.> Say yes to edamame, no to crackers and cheese.
4.> Vinegar and lemon juice beats salad dressing.
5.> Ditch the butter for a margarine spread.
6.> Use ground turkey, hold the ground beef.
7.> Chicken is ok, scallops are better (low in fat, high in Omega-3's).
8.> Quinoa (South American seed) is a tasty alternative to rice.
9.> Munch on popcorn, not tortilla chips (twice the fiber in popcorn).
10.> Skip the fatty sour cream, choose fat-free Greek yogurt instead.

Fight cholesterol painlessly!

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