Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Power Of Everyday Objects.

When I was a little girl every so often my dad would smoke tobacco from his old wooden pipe, very similar to the one above. Obviously, I don't condone or recommend smoking "at all" but this was many years back and he no longer performs this ritual. :) Ok, to my point! Every time I smell someone smoking a pipe it brings me back to those days and it feels like home. I had many memorable scents like that growing up, the laundry detergent my mom used or smelling her apple dessert--- that I love---baking in the oven. The scent of my dads leather wallet or English Leather cologne he use to wear. How about the yummy smelling soap or shampoo we used, also the smell of jasmine or chamomile tea steeping in the kitchen. To me these are all calming, soothing things that make me feel safe and at ease.

We all need to de-stress certain days and every bit helps.

What are your everyday objects? Touch, smell, breathe in the nostalgia and relax....ahhh.

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