Monday, August 31, 2009

Staying Young.

What's Christie Brinkley's secret for staying so young looking at 55? She says it has a lot to do with staying active and being a vegetarian. She enjoys sports and working out.

Here are a few tips to help us stay young and healthy:

1.) Don't over eat: Scientists at St. Louis University found that, while both exercising and eating less led to weight loss in the study’s volunteers, cutting calories also lowered production of T3, a thyroid hormone that slows metabolism. The researchers believe that lower T3 levels may also slow the aging process.

2.) Make love: Doubling your amount of satisfying sex can add up to three years to your life, says Mehmet Oz, MD, professor and vice chairman of surgery at New York Presbyterian–Columbia University and co-author of YOU: Being Beautiful.. “Sex gives you the Zen moment you can’t find throughout the day otherwise.”

3.) Use your brain: Studies on 80-year-olds who perform at the same level as people in their 50s on neuro­psychological tests, has found that the superaged have fewer brain tangles—deposits of protein linked to Alzheimer’s—suggesting that their brains have some sort of protection that normal brains don’t. So learn a new language or instrument—even driving a new route to work can wake up sleepy brain cells.

4.) Pour yourself a Merlot: You’ve probably heard a lot about resveratrol, a compound in red wine and grape juice that seems to slow aging. One recent study found that resveratrol-fed mice had stronger bones and better motor coordination, and showed fewer “old age” problems like heart disease, inflammation, and cataracts. The jury is still out on whether resveratrol has the same effect on humans, but nutritionists say drinking red wine in moderation does have heart-healthy benefits.

5.) Lose the jelly roll: In one large study published last year, researchers who tracked 6,583 people for more than 30 years found that having significant belly fat in midlife can nearly triple your risk of dementia.

6.) Eat more plants: Researchers found the longest-living people tend to eat less meat and more beans, soy, and nuts.

We can all look as young and fresh as Christie if we take care of ourselves daily!

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