Thursday, December 3, 2009


Don't throw away the left over candy-canes! New studies show that Peppermint may do more good than we knew–everything from fighting germs to helping digestion problems. In fact, some researchers say that having a tablespoon or more of fresh peppermint a day can be a healthy habit. Candy canes contain peppermint oil, which is said to help with irritable bowel syndrome. And researchers say that one day peppermint oils and other oils may be used to help prevent bacteria growth on food.

So these beautiful decorations may have some health benefits after all. Just be sure to brush after eating one-they do have sugar and are a candy, after all.

It may actually be time to rethink about those candy canes before getting rid of them. Maybe a candy cane a day will help keep the doctor away!

I'm crunching on one right now! Delic!

image found -, Ref - onhealthyliving .com

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