Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Say No To Eating Snow!

Your parents always told you not to eat the yellow snow. Well now it's bad to eat the white fluffy stuff too. The reason you shouldn't eat snow is because snowflakes form on small pieces of dust. When they fall from the clouds they pick up pollution in the air. The pollution sticks to the snowflake, then the flake falls to the ground. If you eat the snow you might also be eating pollution and dirt, among other things.

The cleanest snow is in Antarctica. Because Antarctica is far away from cities and their pollution, the snowflakes aren't as dirty. The snow there might even be clean enough to eat.

Want to test the snow in your area?

You Will Need:

> a plastic container that is empty, clean, and has a lid

> a coffee filter or piece of paper towel

> a bowl

> a magnifying glass

1. Go outside and fill the container with fresh snow

2. Put the lid on the container and let it melt inside

3. After it has melted place and hold the coffee filter or paper towel over the bowl. Pour the melted snow slowly over the filter or paper into the bowl. Can you see dirt and stuff piling up on the paper or filter? If you can't tell, use the magnifying glass.

I admit that I've eaten my share of snow, but that was in the 70's & 80's when eating snow was more socially acceptable. But with all I know now, I just think it's kinda gross with all the dogs, plows, bacteria and pollution. Anyone else?

Follow your own instincts on this one! Ha,ha!

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