Thursday, July 9, 2009

Eat Your Veggies!

Why go raw? Unprocessed food is good for your body and your waistline. Some raw foods include---fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and certain types of meat and fish. Eating raw-food is all the rage for many celebrities such as Demi Moore, Uma Thurman and Woody Harrelson. Cooking food is said to remove most of the nutrients that our bodies are needing to live long and healthy lives.

Of course we all love many cooked foods, I know I do. Maybe if we just try to substitute one or two meals with raw instead of cooked food a day, every bit helps and I think in the long run we will be healthier by leaps and bounds.

*Tip -Stick with rich, vibrant colored foods and try to stay away from the beige (non-colored, over processed foods).

It's the little things we do that make all the difference in the long run!

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