Monday, July 13, 2009

Go Pogo!

Wacky workout trend #2: The Pogo Stick

Crunch Fitness has come out with an innovative and fun workout class called "Go Pogo". It is a high-intensity cardio workout that has you hopping on a Flybar (a modern pogo stick).

Even though we don't have these classes locally, it doesn't mean we can't get a great workout on pogo sticks at home. It's the perfect excuse for us adults to bounce around with our kids or nieces and nephews---or, if you don't have a pogo stick, a trampoline works just as well.

*Tip: Great gift idea for kids who don't exercise enough. Just remember to get safety gear since it's easy to get hurt if you fall off it wrong and remember to teach them how to use it properly before letting them try it alone.

Fun Fitness!

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