Monday, September 21, 2009

all about the eyes.

If you are like me you probably stare at a computer screen for most of the day at work and maybe even at home at night. My eyes often get dry, sore and tired and it doesn't always make for a fun day, especially if you wear contact lenses as well. I thought I would find some good eye exercises and some soothing eye relief ideas to help get our eyes feeling healthy again.

Eye push-ups: This exercise trains your eyes to work together to aim at the same task, which can help prevent eyestrain.

Hold a pen in front of your face, about an arm’s length away. Move it toward your nose slowly, staring at the same place on the pen. Bring the pen as close as you can to the tip of your nose before you see a double image.

Change your focus: This exercise helps you cut down on eye fatigue.

Hold a book or newspaper as close to your eyes as you can without the print becoming blurred. Stare at the words for 15 seconds. Then, look at an object approximately 10 feet away and stare at that for 15 seconds. Repeat five times.

The eye roller coaster: This exercise improves the flow of blood and oxygen to your eyes.

Close your eyes and slowly roll them in a complete circle. Then, move them from right to left. Repeat three times.

Palming and cupping: This exercise relaxes your eyes.

If you wear contact lenses, remove them. Close your eyes and put the fleshy part of your palms over them. Press gently for a few seconds. Then, cup your hands over your open eyes. Keep your eyes open and look into your palms as you breathe slowly through your nose for 30 seconds.

Although it might seem simplistic, blinking and yawning are also beneficial because they produce tears that lubricate the eyes. And you can also help your eyes by taking nutritional supplements that contain bilberry, vitamin and lutein.

Tea bags and cucumber slices

Beauty tips like placing tea bags or cucumber slices on your eye lids do help soothe them. Your eyes will get some relief. A cold compress is more effective however.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and sweetened drinks. Good hydration is the key to good health and lack of fluid in your body can strain your eyes and everything else.

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