Thursday, September 17, 2009

clothes to look younger.

The key in dressing to look younger is learn what flatters your body and not what the trends are of the younger generations.

Choosing the right colors of your clothes is so much more important than you would have ever imagined. A wrong color of your garment might make you look older than you are. Black is the most elegant color. You can use some bright color along with the black that brings out your own personality and attitude.

Black and white combination looks pretty and classy but if it doesn’t look well on you, think of pastel tones. They make your skin look vibrant and the face younger.

Violet color looks especially beautiful on women of middle age while light blue freshens up the appearance.

Too wide, shapeless garments are not flattering. Long baggy skirts and miniskirts are not recommended for a woman either, unless you have great legs, then a skirt to the knee could be perfect. Try to stay away from bright adornments and embellishments - they seem to look best on teenage girls.

Tip: Be aware of what the celebrities are wearing in the same age bracket and body type as you and mimic their style.

Mostly, wear something you feel great in and your attitude and confidence will show and shine through and that is very attractive.

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