Thursday, September 17, 2009

just for the fellas.

Alright friends, since my last post was strictly intended for the ladies I thought I would counter act that post with one just for the guys. I Hope you enjoy these great shaving tips from

How can I achieve the 5 o'clock shadow look?
Use an electric clipper or beard trimmer with a short guard on it—I'd suggest a 1.5 guard. Let your facial hair grow out, and then maintain the look by trimming it with the clipper every other day.

Any tricks to keep my face stubble-free longer?
Prior to shaving, gently wash your face with warm water and then steam your face with a small towel soaked in very warm water. This softens the beard, opens your pores, and relaxes the face muscles, which allows for a closer shave. The closer your shave, the longer you will be stubble-free.

What do I look for in a razor?
The brand of razor really does not matter as long as it is a high-quality, multiblade razor. I think a four-bladed razor is your best bet.

How often do I need to throw out my razor?
Once you start to feel a little drag on your razor, it's time to replace the razor head. I suggest changing it about every six or seven times you shave. You will not get a close shave from a blunt blade: You will be shaved on some sections of your face and not on others, and you will end up with redness and blotches, which is never fun. The cure is simple: As soon as you feel a blade is not performing properly, replace it.

How do I keep my razor in top condition?
Always dry your razor blades after shaving. Razor blade dullness stems more from oxidation and rusting than from frequent shaving. When water sits on blades between shaves, it causes the oxidation process to begin. This leads to corrosion, which can cause metal on the blade to flake off, and the edge to become blunted and jagged. That results in blades pulling and tearing hairs instead of cleanly slicing through them.

Is an electronic razor better than a regular one?
No way! Avoid electric razors when possible, especially those with rotating heads. These razors can cause the hair to be cut off in all sorts of directions, and this can cause the hair to grow back into your hair follicle. When this happens, you get ingrown hairs, which are hard to treat and very uncomfortable.

See, I'm an equal opportunity blogger! :)

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