Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coffee Break!

Healthy coffee? I am a tea drinker myself, but almost all of my friends are part of the U.S. coffee craze. Seems like no one can even think of starting their day without a hot cup of joe. I wanted to see if there was a healthy alternative to the high caffeine coffee that many consume daily, and I think I did find just that!

It's called "Ganoderma (Gano) Coffee". It has substantially lower caffeine and is said rich flavour and it gives you more energy than fully caffeinated coffee. It is processed organically, free of pesticides, hormones and artifical fertilizers.

*Very low caffeinated regular coffee has approximately 135 mg of caffeine. Gano has only 9 mg, that is a significant difference and definately worth trying.

You can learn more about this coffee on these websites.

Cheers! To our health!

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