Monday, May 25, 2009

Hit The Trail

One of my favorite outdoor activities is cycling. It is a great cardio, muscle toning and strengh training workout. It can also be very relaxing if we choose a trail where there is beautiful scenery and lots of fresh air. .

The State of RI Transportation Department has a "bike map" on their website it lists all the bike paths in our neck of the woods. They also list paths that are under contruction or indesign planning so you will have something to look forward to as well.
Here is the site!
If street riding:
*Please remember to wear a helmet and protective gear while cycling on the street or paths to prevent injuries if you fall off your bike. Always ride with the traffic not against, you want to ride as if you are in a vehicle and stop at stop signs and red lights. Also, don't cycle too close to the curb, there can be sewer grates, potholes, debris and parked cars.
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