Friday, May 8, 2009

EAT this, NOT that

So this is my first official post. I promise I won't make any of them too long so that I loose your attention. :) I came across this great book called "EAT this, NOT that" . I think it is a god send for people who are avid fast food eaters and don't have time to make dinner every night for themselves or their families. You will learn how to navigate the restaurant menu to find healthier options. It is jam-packed with secrets that restaurants don't want you to know.

For example: * Burger King doesn't want you to know that a BK Big Fish® Sandwich and fries have a whopping 1000 calories--nearly half your daily caloric intake! (Fish is usually healthy, but not this kind.) * Pizza Hut doesn't want you to know that a standard pizza in Italy contains 500 to 800 calories, but the same meal at Pizza Hut can top 2,100 calories! (You'd need to ride a stationary bike for more than three hours to burn off this mistake.) Instead, eat all the pizza you want by making smart choices. Macaroni Grill doesn't want you to know that a single serving of their Grilled Teriyaki Salmon has more than three times your daily allowance of sodium! (Cut your risk of high blood pressure by making smart choices at the same restaurant.)

This book is a great asset to have. I recommend keeping it in your glove compartment or copying some pages with the information on specific restaurants that you frequent. Making smart food choices is key to being healthy and could lead to permanent weight loss.

Check it out! Super find!

Book Author - DAVID ZINCZENKO, editor in chief of Men's Health magazine
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