Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Oxygen Bars"

Recently I went on vacation to Las Vegas and I noticed in several malls the big rage was "Oxygen Bars". I had never heard of them until I went there, but they have been around since the 1990's and they were originally created in Japan. So I thought I would research this fascinating fad to see if there was any health benefits associated with inhaling oxygen.

What is a Oxygen Bar? It is where customers will pay a set per-minute fee to inhale oxygen through a tube "called a cannula" inserted up the nasal passage. The patron will supposedly feel peaceful and energized. In some bars they offer flavored oxygen mixed with various aromas. This makes the experience more interesting and euphoric.

This may sound like a very healthy thing to try but after reading about these bars it actually seems that they can cause more harm then good since our bodies don't require any additional oxygen then the 21% oxygen environment that we currently live in.

Some of the essential oils used can also cause a lung infection and unclean filters and reused cannulas can be dangerous.

I think it would be entertaining to experiment with once, since I'm always up to try new things. However, because of the possible side effects I think I'd prefer sticking to a good ole massage or soak in a jacuzzi to relax instead.

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