Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Summer Strawberries"

There is nothing like sitting in the backyard on a beautiful summer day and enjoying a juicy, sweet, delightful bowl of fresh strawberries. They are one of my favorite super foods. They also have head-to-toe benefits in every decadent bite.
  • One cup of strawberries delivers 136 percent of the RDA of Vitamin C, 15% more than an orange. Vitamin C speeds fat burn in the body by 25%.
  • Regular snacking on strawberries can reduce the occurrence of sun induced age spots and freckles by 50% in 5 weeks, according to a Japanese study.
  • A generous serving of this delicious snack relieves muscle pain better than a dose of aspirin, "without any stomach-irritating side effects".
  • Despite the sweetness of strawberries they can boost the bodies resistance to tooth decay by 33%, this was tested by scientists in Sweden. They also contain malic acid which dissolves surface stains on teeth to naturally whiten them.

*Opt for smaller organic strawberries and stay away from the larger conventionally grown ones which harbor toxic pesticides and are often lacking in flavor.

image found- first magazine

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