Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Join The Movement!

I found a fabulous, inspiring, motivating website called SparkPeople. It is a "FREE" website that over 5 million people have joined to lose weight, get fit and feel great.
  • you can get a free personalized diet and fitness plan.
  • calorie counter & exercise tracker
  • fitness demonstrations & videos
  • over 100,000 articles, recipes, & tips

There is also a healthy lifestyle community that features:

  • answers from their dietitians & trainers on message boards
  • connect with others like you on their active teams
  • personal homepage & blog

*I highly recommend reading the interesting story about how this website got started and why it is free. I thought this site definitely needs some free publicity since they are doing so much to help people and are asking nothing in return.

Way to go!

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