Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letting Go...

Today I am making a committment to myself to "Let Go" of any anger, hurt or stress I am feeling inside. It is not healthy to hold on to these negative feelings. Honestly, most of the time the person you are upset with either doesn't know or doesn't care what you are feeling so why waste our time and energy ruminating over them and instead look ahead and appreciate all the good things that person brought to our lives and move on. We are all here to learn different lessons from each person we meet even if they are just in our lives for a short time. I do believe they are meant to be there and we can learn something from them, but that doesn't always mean they are meant to stay in your life. It could just be we're learning forgiveness, patience or even loss. Even though it can be painful at times and sometimes we are afraid to let someone in again (because of getting hurt) but I do think it is worth it and the pain will go away in time. Sometimes if we don't let someone go it can also hinder someone else showing up in our lives, someone better for us or maybe even miss out on a good friend who will be there for us.
So feel free to join me today in letting go and let's look forward to our new adventures just awaiting around the corner.
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