Friday, June 26, 2009

Pack-A-Punch Friday!

"Cardio Kickboxing" - Is a tremendous endurance workout. The kicks and punches that are involved allow you to let loose of your inhibitions and loosen your nerves up from the long stressful day.

It is a high intensity calorie burning workout. It promotes flexibility, alertness, and harmony among your body parts and senses. Kickboxing is also a self defensive routine that features some martial art stints. We can't forget it provides us with skills in focus, agility and vigor.

Many of your local karate or martial art dojo's offer kickboxing classes or you can see if your health club provides classes as well.

Let's not forget the hot buns, legs, arms and abs this workout will furnish in time.

Try a class this weekend! Seize the day!

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