Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pay It Forward

I was in traffic this morning and I was trying to get over into another lane. There was this woman who certainly had plenty of room to let me in. Instead, she sped up and decided to race me and not let me in. I got so frustrated and angry inside thinking why do people act like that. What did she have to gain by not letting me in? I then took a deep breath and let it go, because I know that the traffic and she certainly didn't care that I was angry, so why bother feeling that way?! I have made a vow right now to let other people in on the highway and not make someone else feel the way I did this morning.

How about we all "Pay It Forward" today and hopefully it will start a chain reaction and everyone will do something nice for someone else and faithfully keep it up everyday. Wouldn't this world be a nicer, happier, kinder place?

Let's exude love not hate!

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